Conveniently located in front of the University of Florida on University Avenue, inside UF Plaza, Crispy Baguette is the place where students, professors, faculty, and staff can meet up and enjoy the best Vietnamese baguette (banh mi), rice & noodle bowl, salad bowl, as well as other delightful drinks and desserts.

At Crispy Baguette, we make everything from scratch with Gainesville local fresh ingredients to serve Gators community the most delicious and healthiest sandwiches that they will ever experience.

Crispy Baguette is an artwork, combining Chef Kenneth’s passion for creating unique comfort food with his dream of bringing his traditional hometown food to the next level in the culinary art world.

With Crispy Baguette, good taste must go together with high quality, by using the freshest and natural local ingredients. We will build up our reputation from our delightful crusty baguettes, mouthwatering appetizers, healthy salad bowls, delicious drinks/ desserts with reasonable price, cleanliness, and excellent customer services.

Our vision is very simple: customers will determine Crispy Baguette’s success. Crispy Baguette will do business with its strong mind-set that customers’ health and trust are the most important assets of the company